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This tool is designed to help you in your fathering journey.

The CFP will give you a good idea how you’re progressing as a dad in thirteen different areas of fathering, based on your responses to a series of questions.

If you have a strong emotional connection to your child, that will come out in the Profile, so you’ll be affirmed and challenged to make the most of that strength.

If you had a tough home life as a child or didn’t have a great relationship with your dad, that too will show up, and you’ll get some perspective on how that affects your fathering as well as some of the ways to address it, so you can leave a stronger legacy for your kids.

How well do you resolve conflicts? Or lead your family morally and spiritually? Or work as a team with your child’s mother? How involved are you in your child’s education? You can get feedback on all that and more.

Maybe best of all, you’ll get some insights and inspiration about how to improve in those areas during the next leg of the journey. I’d urge you to get started with your Profile right here.

Dad, we realize that this fatherhood course has some tough spots, and all dads need some help and encouragement along the way. That’s why we’re here!


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